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Congratulations to the branch company, jinan peak technology Co., LTD
2010/1/21 0:00:00

Warm congratulations on my company branch - jinan peak garden technology Co., LTD. Was set up!

Factory nursery distinctive features of modern agriculture, modern intensive efficient agriculture is one of the marks. And nursery substrates factory nursery or hole is one of the key substrate intensive seedling, excellent nursery substrates, other conditions is not qualified seedling nursery. This product is wide, based on source of agriculture, animal husbandry byproduct or solid outcast wheat, corn stalk dung, such as the main raw material, adopts the strains of high-temperature fermentation selection and fine processing, thus reducing the cost of reducing the production cost.

Products with the fermented wheat or corn stalk, cow muck and offer, such as organic have excellent physical properties, with the right amount of vermiculite, pearlite, occupy only total volume of 21.09%, Contain plant mainly nutrition elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, straw and experiment.it 3% of the content of Jehovah dung 2.62% p, can not only ensure the melon seedling growth dish of nutritional needs, but can supply slow seedling growth and the needs of more than traditional nursery substrates, can promote crop growth and development of the plant roots and resistance to achieve high quality; and, 7 ± 2, PH value of neutral, application scope, Fermentation temperature reaches 80 degrees above, excluding nematodes, seed, have a certain amount of beneficial bacterium, soil organic matter, favorable quality of soil is the role.

The products of the method is simple, open packets per cubic matrix after stir in 50% carbendazim with 80g can applications. Because contain a certain amount of fermentation cow muck, therefore, should be installed hole tray before the first matrix addition of suitable amount of water mix to hand clouds and no water, go into the hole, namely wind; After acupuncture to heart with key-press sprinkling soaked advisable, Before sowing press with finger seeding (0.3-0.4 cm deep bio-control technology, melons 0.6 cm), and 0.7 - after sowing with additional small bags in the bag to undertake enclothing vermiculite, unearthed and keep tidy. Seedling Note: after spraying too easy to parade without exudate hole tray advisable, prevent water loss, best nutrients upward hole bottom plate by water to moisten hole surface vermiculite (or) see wet.

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